Project in Resources is part of our study curriculum and is aimed at giving students practical experience in planning and executing projects. The task is to plan and execute a study tour in the Nordic region in order to gain firsthand information from companies working with different energy systems and to reinforce the theoretical knowledge we have for energy solutions. We hope to get useful information that will help us in our future careers.

In order to efficiently plan this trip consisting of 20 students of 12 different nationalities, teams were formed to handle different issues that are part of the plan, i.e

  1. Fundraising Team, the team with the greatest challenges as they have to brainstorm how to raise the 10 674,00€ required for the round trip.
  2. Travel & Accommodation Team: In charge of arranging transport and accommodation for the whole trip and come up with a budget.
  3. Companies Team: Contact companies that are of interest to the trip.
  4. Media & Others: Organize media coverage and the blog you are now reading. As all work without play makes Jim a dull boy, they are responsible for finding interesting things to see on the trip if time allows.

As Project manager, I have learnt so much from other members and other people that have been there to support and guide us. Communication is the key.

18th APRIL UPDATE:Due to financial difficulties, the final budget was adjusted by cutting some costs in order to fulfill our plan, we have cut out spending the night in Helsinki and providing own breakfast for the trip, maybe we get lucky and still manage to get it with the hotel price.

The new budget is 9 271€ with the exception of accommodation and breakfast on the ferry. In some hotels it was impossible to cancel the breakfast without cancelling the booking and rebook. We didn’t want to take the risk but the budget is expected to get even lower.

Project Manager: Cynthia Söderbacka


Team Companies

  • Team Leader: Tapani Nick
  • Members: Oscar Teruel-Guisado, Alexander Hofer, Roshan K C


Team Travelling & Accomodation

  • Team Leader: Daniel Rey-Siso
  • Members: Sami Lieskoski, Josep Castells, Yingbin Zeng, Honore Hirwa


Fundraising Team

  • Team Leader: Sergi Gomez-Teres
  • Members: Nhi Tran, Tomas Kienzil, Moses Enajero, Daniyar Nugmetov


Media & Others Team

  • Team Leader: Shahed Shopneel
  • Members: Pau Guitard-Quer, Kangcheng Xia (Kevin), Tomas Kadlec, Rajan Adhikari