These are our individual reviews of the trip, and because this has been a remarkable journey for all of us that participated, each one of us had to choose their most favorite photo from the entire trip to accompany the review!! Now read on……..


It was a mind blowing experience for me with a great insight about the working life in the energy industry. I was able to know practically how things are were carried out especially in the different energy plant we visited in relation to my theoretical background. Right from ABB Helsinki and all the way to Kalundborg Symbiosis in Denmark, it was a fun filled and educative one for me. It would not have been a much more interesting trip without my great colleagues which made the trip a splendid one and the cool attraction I had for the city of Lysekil (My Mini Oslo) in Sweden. Also a big thanks to every member of the team for the support and team spirit we showed. The sky is our starting point in making a great impact in the energy world. See you guys at the top!!!



During the preparation time for the journey I suspected that the share of the outstanding work was separated unfair between the group members on the account of the project leader. Though, the management process was on-going almost to the departure after solving the problems on the short hand.

Considered retroactively by focusing the main aim of the course, the journey was successful and served its purpose. Visiting two companies almost every day of the whole journey with the offered intensity of information in theory and practice was hardly gradable. Factory tours, prototype demonstrations, theoretical introductions or sometimes even equivocal entertainment was delivered by the companies visited in a quality and variation, which were unexpectedly high for study visits in my point of view. The insight in the production processes of high-capacity generators complemented with the application of such devices in plants – even on prototype basis – was fascinating and instructive. Visited small businesses gained insight in future technologies for the smart grid market based on so far unutilized potentialities and quickened possibly the idea for own business and technology ideas.

However, some adjustments relating to the travel plan, respectively, the distance in its entirety would have been necessary. Certainly, the possibility of visiting companies in those specific regions of the Nordic countries requires covering this long distance. In any case I would rather recommend future students to choose a shorter distance. The time spent riding a bus conflicts with both sustainable time management and adequate necessary enjoyment. Such a tour combined with an appropriative portion of sightseeing would have been unbeatable and provides even more outcome anyway.


I am very happy for visiting the Nordic countries; Sweden, Norway and Denmark. This educational tour as well as friendship tour was amazing and fabulous. I don’t have any word right now to express my feeling. For me the tour was extremely meaningful and fruitful. I got the great opportunity to see the beautiful scenario as well as I learned many things about the utilization of renewable energy, its production and storage. That was my dream come true. I have learned about the energy source with its meaningful utilization for the society. Someday if I got opportunity then I will give 100% effort to implement those knowledge. Thanks to Novia UAS, Bertell and our 22 team members. And thanks to everyone who support us.



Energy tour 2016 was a great experience and a memorable journey with my friends. We had a great time in the tour with the companies and of course with the beautiful places. Driving a long way on a bus and visiting two companies each day was not that easy but having genuine presentations from the company and visiting the sites was amazing. We got chances to know about the companies from near and end up our queries with their answers.

I want to thank all of my friends to make the trip so great and successful. I will never forget the time we had during the company visit and hotel stay. The evening visit in Copenhagen, Oslo and Lysekki was really cool. The amazing nights we had in the cruise will always remain in my heart.



Before going on the trip, it was known that it was a rather ambitious trip with the long distances that were going to be travelled by bus. One could expect the trip to get a bit tough in this regard, with all the bus sitting taking a toll on everyone. However, the whole trip ended up being just great, and this is because everybody contributed to making the trip great. Different nationalities, cultures and educational backgrounds did not matter; everyone was a part of the same team which made the trip as smooth and comfortable as it could be. The company visits were well worth it, some of the company visits showed rather new technology and concepts while others were about more established energy solutions. But all the company visits gave new, different perspectives and ideas. In addition to the company visits, we were also able to see something of the vibrant capitals of Stockholm (from the bus), Oslo, Copenhagen, and the small but cosy Swedish city, Lysekil. Seeing the infrastructure, transportation and how the cities function also makes you think of energy solutions. So overall the trip was excellent to learn about energy and a joyful travel.



When I started working on this project in the autumn of 2015 I was studying in Bergen for the semester. I joined the team whose responsibility was to arrange the company visits. Although the line-up of the project team changed along the way, we managed to find very interesting places to visit. The Scandinavian capitals were already familiar to me, but I was surprised by the beauty of Lysekil in Sweden. They even had a marine research center there.

The trip had a good start when we visited ABB and St1 in Helsinki. These companies, like all the others we visited, showed that they work hard and also have good values. I made observations about how the presenters worked, and noticed that a good presentation can be made in many different ways. I was much involved in arranging the visits to the companies, so I was happy to see that my fellow students showed interest by asking questions and paying attention.

We had fun on this trip. We partied on the ferry and explored the cities. The time spent sitting on the bus was sometimes fun, but mainly good for introspection and sleeping. And windmill spotting.

After our last visits were done in Copenhagen, I flew to Greece, where I am now working in a project studying micro plastics and water quality in the Aegean. The Nordic tour gave me some momentum and inspiration for my following endeavors. When I moved to Vaasa to study environmental engineering I knew I would want to work in water treatment or waste management in order to protect the environment. I did not know then that the journey to reach that goal would be quite this exciting.



We were a group of 19 student, from different countries and different background. Our tour started on Monday 25th of April in Vaasa, Finland. We met at our university at 3 a.m. in the morning and went to the first company which was on our list in Helsinki. Almost every one of us was excited about the tour and we were looking forward to this journey a long time. We arrived in Helsinki on schedule and our first company visit started on time. After an interesting presentation and visit at ABB, we went to our next company st1. Then we went to Turku were chartered a ferry to Sweden, we had a really good time on the ferry where we enjoyed the music and ourselves. Then we went to another company which name is Statkraft, after that we passed with our bus to Norway and we spend the night in Oslo. We arrived in Oslo in the evening, however, everybody was interested into to Oslo so decided to go for a walk in this modern city. The next day we visited a Waste-to-Energy company, which is generating heat and electricity out of waste. In the afternoon we traveled to MW Maritime, this company transports gas around the world with their own fleet. The following night we spent in a small village Lysekil in Sweden, an awesome village with a wonderful landscape and sea coast. On the next day we visited GU Ventures, and impressive Ringhals Nuclear-Power-Plant, this plant is really of a big scale and we got an interesting tour across the plant. On our last day which was also filled with two company visits, we started by Symbiosis Center Kalundborg, which is a big connected industrial area, where different companies are working together. And the last but not least company, which was different to the other ones, because this company’s aim is to store energy. Then we spent one more night in Copenhagen and we had some time to visit the beautiful. We were split in some groups with different targets, our group enjoined the sights there and we completed our tour with a perfect Chinese dinner and we had also to say goodbye to some friends which already finished within this tour their studies in Finland. In my opinion the whole trip was real success, we got impressed from huge power plant and the feeling that also the companies tries to do their best to protect the environment and stop the climate change.


In my opinion the Nordic trip combines culture, fellowship, science, practical insight and friendship in less than one week. The start was kind of rough because the journey starts half past two in the morning with the walk to the bus. Consequently my first thoughts and motivation were not so positive. However the bus was big and comfortable and therefore it was possible to have good power naps. Well rested and motivated we visit the companies. For me personally, the visits were very interesting and informative. Unfortunately I will maybe not specialise my Bachelor in Energy production but some of us used this trip as possibility to get contacts for future jobs or internships. Moreover what i really appreciate is the fact that we were a good fellowship and friends all over the trip. I have the feeling that we always come along with each other, furthermore I became acquainted with some colleges who I never really talked before. All the more it is a little bit sad that the trip was the finalisation of our fellowship. Some people already left during the trip the others will leave during May.

All in all I can say that it was totally worth doing the Nordic trip. I gathered a lot of impressions from the different energy productions and distribution companies. The brief but also intensive impressions of the beautiful Nordic capitals will be every in my memory as well as the funny stories I experienced with this group of multi-cultural students.



From my point of view, this project has given me more than I gave in. I have learnt invaluable things that cannot be equated to the time and effort I invested in the project. In preparations, miscalculations and misinterpretation of information cost us and called for us to reach within our own pockets, but these too were learning points for me as it called for me being unbiased and objective in finding solutions as group leader. The best part of the preps was our desire to succeed which overshadowed our differences and personal opinions (working with 12 nationalities in one pack is NOT  a joke and definitely not for the faint hearted!!). Bravo Team!!!

Coming to the trip, the company visits were worth it even if they were scattered and called for long travelling times from A to B. It could have been possible to find companies within one country but crossing boarders was necessary too, to sample a little bit of something from country to country and make comparisons to what we have learnt and stir some desires in us to have an energy story of our own to tell in future. All the companies gave us a warm welcome and shared their experience with us. Up to now, I can’t vote for the best company or my favorite because they all delivered in their areas. At least I for one got assurance that the future is very bright for Energy & Environmental Engineers.

It has been an honor to be part of this tour and share this experience with people from different countries. We all brought flavor and variety. We worked the best we could at that moment, we could have done better but we learnt from the project, and that is what matters.  In between company visits, we saw a little bit of the places we were in, could have loved to see more but the little was better than nothing and couldn’t swap the company visits for anything in the world under such circumstances. Wishing my colleagues all the best for the future.

Nordic Tour 2016 052


During the Nordic study tour, I benefited a lot. Although only for a week, we visited ABB, ST1, Statkraft etc. many companies, the companies fit the concept of environmental protection into the enterprise culture. If you ask me which one, left me feeling quite impressed, it was no more than ABB. It is one of the world’s  number 39;  in top 500. It is a leading global company in the field of power and automation technology, it is committed to provide solutions for industrial and power sectors. During the visit to ABB, the presenter gave us an introduction in the current developments of ABB and the concept of environmental protection and goals. Then through a series of production from raw material to the molding process of generator workshops to visit learning, I deeply felt ABB corporate culture as well as production of front-line workers centripetal force and cohesive force. Dedication, front-line workers and environmental protection consciousness was impressive. Their industrious and let all the people present, in such a heavy mechanical environment, health environment remains so clean and neat, enough to prove that they are so industrious, their actions tell us that & quote, “Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it”, end of quote.



Nordic energy tour is an extraordinary, advantageous challenge for students which combine inside clear and organized work. It was the first time I participated in such trip which I am not afraid to call adventurous, wild and brave. During the trip I knew a lot about companies’ structure of what I never even suspected firstly. Secondly it was pleasant to be a part of working atmosphere whiles our visits and to be imbued by all the process that is surely will be felt in the future profession. This is what inspired a lot and left the most significant impressions from the companies’ visits. And of course it was nice to feel welcome every time we stepped over the threshold of another company where I did not expect such a warm setout. Specially I would highlight Vattenfall nuclear power plant, the level and scale of which impressed and interested mostly.    

The only negative thing was that the whole trip itself was hard and tiring spending a long time on the bus and ferry. But it’s worth it to see such cities as Oslo, Copenhagen and unusual Lysekil-Ringhals which would hardly have ever caused me some concern without this tour. And Nordic countries generally observed from the bus window.       

I am thankful to our team and glad that it happened to be a companion of such hardworking international group.  Special thanks to all who made it possible, particularly school and sponsorship.   

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On 2015, in the course ‘Project in Resource’ we the students of the Novia University of Applied Sciences have come to know from our Head of Department, Charlotta Risku that we have an opportunity to arrange a tour where we can have a practical experience of how to arrange a project with facing the real life obstacles.

From the very first day we all the students of Energy and Environmental Engineering were really very excited about the tour. The students were divided into groups and all the groups were playing important role as team. The every team has reported about their progress and situation during team meeting which was arranged in a certain interval. The every single thing was strictly monitored by our Head of Department and she is our great inspiration.

In the tour, we have an opportunity to travel all the four Nordic Countries ( Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark). In this tour we could visit some companies in each countries and come to know about their position and opinion in terms of Energy and Environment issues and responsibilities. This was a great scope for us to know and learn at the same time through practical visit in the early stage of our career.

The whole tour was really very exciting and informative at the same time. We hope that the experience in the tour will be really helpful during our professional life.



In a general view of the trip I think it was a really good experience and a good possibility to familiarize on the companies which we can work, and also to know how they work in the reality. I can say that in this trip we have achieved alot,  a great class group and I think if this trip was done in the beginning of our studies together, we could have known more of each other. I can only say good words of this trip, the different villages, cities, landscapes… only I think all the time that we are in the bus, but all of us at the beginning we knew, so it’s not an excuse.

Finally, thanks all the group for the good job to make this trip and the good experience to see the different knowledge that there are around the world.

Ohh! Sorry, I forgot, thanks Cynthia for the great food in Rasta restaurant and the good moments, I hope I will see you in some time in the future.



This project showed me the importance of team work, how important is to maintain the motivation until the end, how essential is sharing the work and the idea of a leader guiding everyone to keep the organization.

The project was divided in little teams focused in different important aspects to improve the work efficiency. I was a member of the company team, our objective was the research of interesting companies related in our studies field, I chose this team because I had some experience doing that, I am part of one student organization in my country that is related in searching internship in engineering companies. My experience in this team had good and bad moments, firstly, the team had a good organization that allowed us to do our first steps quickly, but then some problems appeared, some members left ( other things to do) the project to be later replaced for other ones, supposing this the need to reorganize the team again and the other main problem was that not all the companies were replying our requests, being in some moments bit frustrating, but fortunately, we managed and solved them.

Concluding, the trip was finally successfully done, visiting companies from some different fields and thank to that, we could get a big new labor point of view. And even it is not a professional project, the objective was reached, fighting against the problems found in the evolution of it and learning how to solve them, maybe the best skill I could get from this subject, because it will allow me to avoid this problems the next time I will need to organize a similar activity, or at least, I will be faster solving them.

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What to say about the Tour. It has been an amazing experience, visiting different companies, some which are the biggest in the world and others that are start-ups. But all of them had the same interest to show us how they work and how they improve in each decision they make. For us, the trip had been inspirating. Knowing the real world apart from the University. The colleges were also the best. We had spend long hours in the bus and, despite we already know eachother before, we become closer and that helped the evolution of the Tour.

From the previous work we can say that we work really hard to achieve that amazing Tour. Everyone has put their knowledge and time to gain the possibility to do it.



The Tour was an amazing experience. It gave to us the possibility to learn technical knowledge and, at the same time, improve the relationship between me and my classmates. Moreover, we could see the different ways to work in the north countries. Before going on the trip, I was a little bit afraid about the bus and the long distance that we had to make. The food was another thing that I thought could be a problem. However, my friends and a good pillow make the travel very comfortable and Rasta restaurant prepared amazing and cheap food for us. In conclusion, the trip was very funny, interesting and ambitious. These elements are the perfect combination to have a good time so I enjoyed.


In April 24th-30th, we had a study trip about class which name is project in resources. These 7 days had left a deep impression in my heart. I will remember this trip forever and always.We together experienced some countries and places such as Oslo, Copenhagen and so on. In my brain, European countries are so beautiful that I love the memory we spent together. But it is a little pity charlotte was busy so she my dear teacher did not together with us. Now in china I miss my classmates and Charlotta.In this trip, I learn more about our major environmental engineering, how to recycle, why to reuse, and other sides about water and air .I think it is a still a long way to build myself to grow up in our major.

I miss you all.


If anyone asks me about the best experience of my life, I will tell them that, this trip would be the most unforgettable I had in my college year. At first, the plan for this trip was just giving me slight thoughts. However, after I saw how everyone in the group worked hard for it, I knew this trip would be a huge thing and must pay off. And it did. The most successful trip we would be proud of to tell anyone about. I would not say it was an easy trip but rather not quite enjoyable through hours of sitting in the bus. But what we saw and experienced were the most important. We saw another sides of our classmates that we did not have the chance to see in class. Funny stories kept coming in an unexpected way and every time we talked about them, the laughter kept going on. We got a chance to get to the unknown world we would not have a chance to experience if we did not have the help from our school, teachers, classmates and other organizations and big thanks to our Project Manager’s effort. The companies, the technologies kept our eyes and mouth wide opened. So many things we got to learn and told ourselves that we had a lot to do to get there. Each of us felt inspired by the enthusiasm of people from every company we got a chance to meet, we felt so fresh with new ideas from them. Some of us even start to imagine if they could work in these companies. The companies we visited were quite unique with their technologies and that would be thanks to our Companies Group that put their efforts in finding perfect companies for the group. We worked hard and we did play hard. The accommodations were chosen meticulously and some places were breath-taking that we threw away the tiredness from hours of sitting on the bus to get a stroll in a beautiful and energetic Oslo, little beauty Lysekil and Copenhagen full of light. The best memories were when you spent your time in those cities with your friends. I would have my big word to Cynthia, our group manager. This trip would not have existed if you were not there chasing us around. Your energy and effort got to us all and we all did not want to fail your expectations. Thank you very much Cynthia, my good friend in class and in life. Trip ended with many feelings and we all wished the best thing happen for our friends in their own journeys. Many thanks again for these unforgettable memories.