In planning this trip, it took more than our own resources to achieve what we have accomplished. We looked outside the borders of Novia UAS, and this shows how well the school blends in its environment and the recognition it receives from other organizations in the region. An achievement of a project of this magnitude encompasses a wide range effort and support from Organizations, individuals and we acknowledge their immense support.

A big thank you to the following organizations and individuals:


  1. Merinova Technology Center; for the endless support with tips and providing us contact information for the companies in the region.


  1. City of Vaasa; for sponsoring one of the official T-shirts for the trip


  1. EFÖ Vaasa; for freely providing us with student photographers (Jenna Vanhanen, Angelica Siren & Marin Reinik) from the “Photography & IT” course for the cover photo on this blog.


  1. Vaasan Sähkö; for letting us use their premises to take the photos, one of which is the cover photo of this blog.


  1. DIFF; for funding each member going on the trip.


  1. Oravais Trafik; for giving us an affordable price on the bus for a round trip.
  2. Bertell Fund; which has been the major source of fund for this project.
  3. Anders Kjellman Consulting Oy Ab; for giving us a well appreciated fund.
  4. The companies in the Nordic region that have opened their doors to us to share their experience and knowledge.
  5. To all that supported with information & advice such as teachers (Novia & VAMK), students, friends and family.


  1. And last but not the least, our school Novia UAS for financial support and guidance. Also for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to see firsthand what is happening in the world of energy.

We say a big thanks to you all!!!