We landed last night Thursday in Denmark. What a grand entrance with a bridge that scares the life out you as it looks like the road ends in the sea, well, it does but turns into an underground water tunnel…what workmanship!!! Had to borrow a picture on internet to show what we mean by GRAND ENTRANCE!!


The urge to see the new city, as we collect experience and memories, made us scatter in different directions exploring  Copenhagen by night. Some of us even getting lost going round and round for hours failing to locate the hotel, but at least, we had one more day to redeem ourselves.

The day started on a busy note with an hour and half drive to Kalundborg for our first company visit scheduled for 09:00. Since breakfast was from 07:15 and we had planned to leave by 07:30 so we changed it to 07:45. We made it to Kalundborg on time but we didn’t enjoy our breakfast.

In Kalundborg, we visited the Symbiosis Center, started with a guided tour of the industries that are in the symbiosis, a presentation and tour of the wastewater treatment plant. Lots questions were asked, good to see what we have done in school in 3D (in reality). Thank you Kalundborg but now we move on to our last appointment on this tour.

Biofos was our last stop.Energy storage is what we needed to hear ( after all the energy production systems we have heard about) and see in action as it is still a big challenge in the world of energy. The P-2-G (power to gas) Biocat project showcases energy storage by transforming excess electrical energy produced into natural gas and to be stored in the gas grid. That was a grand finale, the journey has been worth it.

SO TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED OUR MISSION, getting home is part of the mission but on a personal level. Tomorrow is another travelling day and goodbyes were said on the bus as a journey that started with 19 people will end with 13 coming back to Vaasa, the others go to start their own energy stories. Good luck to us all, we have done well.

WE ARE PROUD OF OURSELVES and hope you our reader who has followed our journey is proud of us too. Thank you for reading.

Happy Reading and look out for our photo gallery, company reviews and personal experience coming soon.