We are getting closer!


From our last update, we woke up in Lysekil to a rainy day, after a dramatic night with one of our colleagues having a toothache. Thank goodness, the crazy prescriptions he got but at least we know that despite being engineers we are still humourous humans!!!

First stop for that day was Sea Twirls, this was mostly mechanical and they drew us in their world of offshore floating wind turbines. They have a prototype of which some of our colleagues were taken on a small raft to take a closer look. This was good as the company has only 5 employees, so that we also learn that you don’t have to be in a huge group to be great,  you just need to have an idea and guts to pull it through. More will be in the company review.

After Sea Twirls, we headed straight to Ringhals, two and half hours drive where we were to learn more about Nuclear power generation, scary cool stuff. We were treated to their exhibition area where we explored around on our own at our pace, a presentation followed and then a tour of the plant. And if you are wondering, ” No, they didn’t show us any uranium and no we didn’t come back with any radiation.” That wrapped up Sweden for us.Thank you and goodbye Sweden. Let us see what Denmark has to offer……..


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